Water Lines and Shut-Off Valves: Have a towel handy, if your refrigerator or washer has a water line connected, it will need to be disconnected. Low Budget Moving and Storage Movers does carry the necessary tools to disconnect the water line, but in some cases the water lines need to be shut off from somewhere in the home other than the back of the fridge. Since every system is different, it’s important to locate all shut off valve(s) prior to the day of your move. Water and drain connections are your responsibility but Low Budget Moving and Storage Movers will assist with this task as a courtesy only. Once disconnected, existing water from the hose may drain onto the floor. It is also common for a water shut-off valve to deteriorate over time. When the hose is disconnected, the valve may not close completely and may drip or leak. Please inspect your valve(s) once the hose and appliance has been disconnected.