Hot tubs can weigh upwards of 1000lbs or 453kg. Due to this, it may be a good idea to hire professional movers.

Additional fees based on size and weight may occur.

Quick Tips

1) Plan your route in advance so there is an easy path for our movers. Let us know of any stairs or difficult areas to move the hot tub through in advance so we can come prepared. This can help avoid any needless time spent on preparing our path.

2) Prep your hot tub. Empty, clean, and dry your hot tub before your move. Follow your hot tubs directions for proper drainage to avoid any flooding or damage to your tub. Disconnect your hot tub prior to draining and wrap and hang it in a safe and dry spot before releasing any water. After draining set aside time to clean and then dry your hot tub to avoid the growth of any mildew or mold.