Truck Capacity:1700 (If everything is perfectly squared. 
So we like to be safe and say we can get approx.1500 CuFT into 1/ 5-ton truck. 
With this example - We're tight.

Origin (Move-Out)Destination (Move-IN)
Property Type: House
Stairs: 3 Flights
Distance to the truck 150 ft. (Long Walk)

Property Type: Rancher
Stairs: No Stairs
Distance to the truck 50 ft.



Origin: This will take a little more time. The movers are going to have to haul furniture up/down 3 flights of stairs. In addition, there is no parking in the drive way so the movers will have to walk the furniture to the truck which is parked on the street.

Destination: This will be a piece of cake and will take less time to unload. There are no stairs, and they can pull the ramp right to the garage.

Origin Obstacles Estimated timeDestination Obstacles Estimated time
  • Stairs (45 Min)
  • Long Walk (30 Min)
4 Hours
  • Older style house -tight hallway (45 Min)

In this example this client was estimated 6.5 Hours. However, the client was so organized that we got the job done in 5.5 Hours. End result... The client saved money!